Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Ford Earle Kennedy

So it's been a while since I posted. I guess I have an excuse being a new mom and all. 

Here's what's been going on:
July 1st I had a baby.
He is the sweetest easiest baby in the world.
I love him more than words can describe.
I am quite literally obsessed with him.

 Meet Ford Earle Kennedy
6 lb 10 oz
19.5 inches
10 fingers & 10 toes

Early in the morning on the 1st I was having subtle contractions and my water was leaking. I tried not to think much of this, mostly because my contractions were very manageable.
Seven o'clock finally rolled around. Forrest woke up for work and I eased into the subject of going to the hospital. He was excited at the thought that today could be the day that we had a baby.
So, he went to work for a few hours and I waited until he got home to go to the hospital. 
When we got there they hooked me up to monitor the baby's heart and my contractions. The nurse tried to run a few tests to see if my water had in fact broken, but they weren't able to get a clear answer. They monitored me and sent me to walk around until they could admit me. After an hour I had dilated from 1 cm to a 3 cm.
I was admitted 10:00 and it was time to wait.

My husband and I watched TV for hours. It was a nice change since we didn't have cable. My contractions at this point were still very manageable. I barely felt them.
At five o'clock they broke my water (because it had a high leak) and after that things started moving pretty fast. 
I got my epidural after not so much consideration. Prior to my water being broken I thought 'these contractions are no problem!' 
After my water broke... that's a different story. I decided I wanted to not have to go through another 5 hours of that horror.

After I received the epidural I slept through the rest of my labor. Up until it was time to push.
The nurse that came in to coach me was the best.
She was motivating and just what I needed. 
After 30 minutes and a broken blood vessel in my eye I had a sweet baby boy to adore.

He's really the most perfect human being I have ever laid eyes on.

His first visitors were grandma and grandpa Kennedy

Then grandma and grandpa Sliger came!

This is Ford at two weeks (even though it says one month I missed the boat on a one month picture ;)

Now he is two months old. 
Ford likes:
+ His dad (like A LOT)
+ His swing
+ When I sing Such Great Heights by Postal Service
+ Snuggles in the rocking chair
+ Watching TV
+ Being carried in our Solly Baby Wrap
+ Being outside (too bad it's like 100 degrees every day and we barely leave the house!)